Review: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip

Hi friends! For my first review, I wanted to talk about my favorite makeup product–lipstick! Lip products form the biggest part of my collection, since they are so fun to switch out and play with different colors. I do my makeup pretty much the same every day, but change up my lips so I never feel bored!

Lip products are also my favorite things to try out, since I am obsessed with finding the perfect ones–the perfect color, formula, wear time, etc. I am very into long-wearing lip color, since I don’t want to be at work all day wondering if my lipstick is wearing off weird, or somehow rubbed across my face, or on my teeth (and can we just please make it a thing where you ALWAYS tell someone when they have lipstick on their teeth? Trust me, they would rather hear it from you than go about their day unknowing). Because of that, I love liquid lipsticks but several that I have tried are just too drying on my lips, giving me that lovely flaking effect. Others never fully dry down and are sticky, or start to look really crumbly and gross when you try to touch them up. So finding a good liquid lipstick has been a mission of mine.

Enter Colourpop! I first decided to try out their Ultra Satin Lips when one of my favorite YouTubers, RachhLoves talked about how much she likes them. Since the price is right ($6 each), I decided to give them a go. When I placed my order, Colourpop was having a promotion where you could get a free mini Ultra Satin Lip with ever $10 you spent. The smaller ones in the photo are the minis, and the larger ones are the full size.

I got 8 total shades, as well as some eyeshadow and a bronzer/highlight duo, which I can talk about in another post if you are interested. Here are swatches of all the colors (left to right: Cozy, Lyin’ King, London Fog, Prim, Frick n’ Frack, November, Echo Park, and Strip).


I wish Colourpop were available in stores, since some of the colors came out darker than I had expected based on the photos and swatches on the website. Particularly Frick n’ Frack and Strip seemed lighter. I’m not mad about it, since I still really like all the colors. My two favorites are November, which is a “my lips but better” pink-y nude, and Cozy, which is an orange-y red.

The best thing about these though is how they wear. They are really easy to apply, and dry down relatively quickly. They aren’t completely transfer-proof but for me that’s not a huge deal. And they LAST. I can wear these all day at work and not have to reapply. That includes drinking (at least one) coffee, about a liter of water, and eating lunch/snacks. When I leave work, my lip color still looks good! It does fade a bit, but not in a crumbly or patchy way so it’s not very noticeable. I will often touch up after lunch, but not always.

Overall, I highly recommend these! I haven’t tried other Colourpop formulas, I am a bit wary of the Ultra Matte Lip because these dry down pretty matte, so I am worried that might be a bit too matte and dry for me. I will probably give them a go though, as well as some of the other lip products. The price is right, they are a cruelty-free company, and it seems to me like they have a lot of sales and promotions you can take advantage of. Plus, you get free shipping over $30 (in the US)!

I hope you found this review helpful, let me know what you think in the comments! Any lip products you love and think I should try out?


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