Full Face One Brand: Wet n Wild

Hi friends! For today’s post, I am using one brand to do a full face! I chose Wet n Wild because it is one of my favorite drugstore brands–not only is it cruelty free, but it it so affordable and also really good quality! I also created a video to go along with this post–it is the first video I have ever filmed, so it is a bit rough, but I am excited to be able to share video of me applying the makeup in addition to photos. I hope you enjoy!

To watch the video on YouTube, click here!

Here are the products I used:

FullSizeRender 2

To start out, I used the Photo Focus primer. This is a new product to me, so this is more of a first impression than a review of it. It felt like a moisturizer putting it on, which I like, and it seemed easy to blend out my foundation on top, so I think it’s a pretty good one! I will keep trying it out and let you know if my opinion changes.

For my foundation, I used the Photo Focus foundation in Soft Ivory. This is a foundation I’ve had for awhile now, since about February and I really like. I haven’t been using it much recently since I prefer to use a tinted moisturizer or my CC+ cream in the summer, but it was nice to revisit this one, I remembered how much I enjoy it! I like to keep my foundation pretty sheer, so I don’t apply too much of this and I blend it out with a damp sponge. I think you can build up the coverage to be whatever you want though. If you are looking for a high quality but inexpensive foundation, this is a great one!

For concealer, I used the Photo Focus concealer in Light Ivory. This is a good concealer for dark circles because it is a bit peachy so it helps to cancel out some of the darkness. I guess I’m used to my Shape Tape and its humongous applicator that picks up a lot of product, but I felt like I had to dip back into the tube several times to get enough. The concealer itself is really good, and it is a fraction of the price of the Shape Tape so even if the tube doesn’t last as long it will be easy to repurchase.

FullSizeRender 5

To set under my eyes and bronze my face, I used the MegaGlo contour palette in Dulce de Leche. As you know from my summer foundation routine post, I have had this for a bit and LOVE it. For blush I tried out one of the blush sticks in the shade Hustle and Glow. This is PEACHY, and I recommend putting it on your fingers first then patting it on, rather than applying it straight to your face. I am really enjoying stick products, I feel like they are really convenient and easy to use, and also will be great for travel since it’s not a liquid so it’s easy to fly with and you don’t need to worry about a powder product breaking.  I topped it off with the Color Icon Ombre blush in My Tai Buy You a Drink. This is a super sheer peach blush with a sheen, so I used it to give myself a bit of a glow.


For my brows I filled them in with the Color Icon brow pencil, and set them with the ultimate brow mascara. The pencil is extremely creamy–it was brand new and sharp when I started, and you can see in the photo how much it has worn down already. I did like how it looked, but it is not a product that is going to let you get precise, and doesn’t seem like it will last that long because I feel like I will need to sharpen it almost every time I use it. The brow mascara is really good too–it gave me a bit more tint and fullness in my brows, kept them in place the rest of the day, and did not look shiny or crunchy at all. I think I can even use this on its own if I’m in a hurry or not wanting to wear a lot of makeup. I my have a new favorite!

On my eyes I used this Color Icon eyeshadow trio in I’m Getting Sunburned. I ended up using the bronzer shade from the contour palette in my crease, since the shade labeled crease in this trio was VERY DARK. I used it to line my upper lash line, but can’t imagine putting it in the crease. I put the gold shade all over my lid–you definitely want to wet your brush with some setting spray if you want to get good pigment and shine from it because dry it was not really showing up on my lid, but was beautiful when wet! The pink shimmer shade I put in my inner corners, which was a fun pop of color there.

For my mascara, I used the Megaplump–I’ve had this forever and use it very often. It’s a good mascara, I do think it gives me some volume and adds a bit of oomph to my lashes.

FullSizeRender 4

Of course, lips are my life! I used this gel lip liner in Bare to Comment–the gel formula is really creamy and feels good to apply. I don’t think it is particularly long lasting though, which is what I am really looking for in a lip liner. I still use it, just don’t expect it to last all day.

For my lipstick I used the MegaLast lip color in Rosebud. I love this color, it is the perfect rosy pink that I have been looking for. It has a semi-matte finish, so it looks almost satin-y on the lips, which I like–not glossy and not matte. It is not particularly long wearing, so I will only wear it when I know it will be convenient for me to reapply every couple hours.

FullSizeRender 3

Lastly, to set I used the Photo Focus setting spray. The mist feels nice and fine, so not like you are shooting droplets out of a squirt gun at your face. I didn’t wear my makeup for particularly long yesterday so I can’t speak to the lasting power, but on a first impression, I like it!

Here is the final look–I was pretty happy with it, especially since I discovered how difficult it is to apply your makeup while filming! I hope you enjoyed this one-brand full face–let me know if there are other brands you would like to see a similar demo/review on.


Product Links:

Photo Focus Primer

Photo Focus Foundation

Photo Focus Concealer

MegaGlo Contour Palette

MegaGlo Makeup Stick

Color Icon Ombre Blush

Brow Pencil

Brow Mascara

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Megaplump Mascara

Photo Focus Setting Spray


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