27 Things About Me!


Hi friends! Today is my birthday, so I wanted to do a special post to help all of you get to know me better. And since I’m turning 27, I thought I would share 27 random things about myself (in no particular order).

I want to get to know you too! Tell me something about yourself in the comments!

  1. I have a cat named Clara, a dog named Lucy, and a sugar glider named Sweet Pea.
  2. As you may have guessed from my wedding dress shopping post, I’m engaged! We are getting married in April 2018.
  3. I am 6ft tall.
  4. I studied French and Spanish in college, and want to learn more languages!
  5. I love to travel, and have been lucky enough to visit many countries. My next trip is to Denmark in the winter!
  6. I am a huge fan of Star Trek and Star Wars.
  7. I decided to start a blog so that I could have a consistent project to work on, to encourage my love of writing, and to interact with different people!
  8. I have anxiety and depression, and reading makeup blogs/watching makeup videos has really helped me distract myself during hard times.
  9. I work with college students, and I love it!
  10. I lived in France for a year, teaching English.
  11. I’m a vegetarian.
  12. I have two tattoos.
  13. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
  14. I love hiking.
  15. I love Zumba, and take classes several times a week!
  16. I have a huge sweet tooth, and LOVE ice cream (especially Ben & Jerry’s)!
  17. I have an equal love for decluttering and shopping (which is a problem!)
  18. My favorite movie is The Sound of Music.
  19. I am afraid of heights, small spaces, drowning, and death in general.
  20. My favorite makeup product is lipstick.
  21. Makeup products I am just getting into are highlighters and setting sprays (let me know which ones I should try!)
  22. One of my pet peeves is when people talk really quietly so I have to keep asking them “what?”
  23. I hate talking on the phone.
  24. I have a few ear piercings (lobes, tragus, rook, and forward helix), and am always wanting more!
  25. I go to bed incredibly early, even on the weekend (I love sleep)
  26. I love binge watching dramatic shows (recent faves include Scandal, Twin Peaks, and Riverdale). Any suggestions for future shows to watch?
  27. My greatest desire in life is to help people and make them happy. I hope reading my blog makes you happy!

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