Review: Milani Contour and Highlight Duo

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday! Today’s review is on a Milani product I recently picked up, the Contour and Highlight Cream and Liquid Duo. This is a double-ended product with a cream contour stick on one end and a liquid highlight on the other. I got the lightest shade, Fair/Light, which says it is “Neutral Fair/White Gold Pearl.” It cost about $10, but I got it at CVS when they were having a buy one get one half off sale on Milani products.

Here is what the product looks like: the contour side is very cool toned, with a greyish undertone, which I think is good for a contour, especially if you are on the paler side like I am. The highlight is pearlescent, with a hint of a gold undertone, but almost a cool-toned gold, if that makes sense. Since I have a cooler skin tone, it works well for me.

I am in LOVE with this highlight! I have really been enjoying cream and liquid products this summer, and this is the first liquid highlight I have tried. I like to dot it on my skin and then blend it first with my finger, then go over it with a sponge. This is not an over the top highlight, it gives a very subtle and natural glow when the light catches it. If you are looking for something blinding, this is not for you, but for an everyday highlight, I highly recommend it! I want to put this over my whole face and just bask in it.

I am still trying to figure out contouring, to be honest. I have a round face, so I feel like my cheekbones are never really that pronounced, and I don’t notice a lot of difference when I apply contour. I am still trying though, and this stick is easy to use! I just draw some lines on my face and blend them with a brush. It blends away to almost nothing, so I’m not sure if I need to be using more product, or if that is just the nature of it. Can anyone give me some contour tips?

Overall, I would recommend this product, if only for the highlight! It is my favorite highlight that I have tried, and I would love to buy a full size of just this highlight. I could take or leave the contour, but again, contour is something I’m still playing around with.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Have you tried this? What are your favorite highlighters? Is cream or powder contour easier?


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