July Favorites!

Hi friends and happy Sunday! I can’t believe that it is already the end of July–summer is going by so fast! Part of me is excited, because fall is my favorite season, but another part of me sees life just whooshing away. Times like this I can get pretty introspective and start asking myself questions like “Am I happy with my life?” “What do I want to accomplish?” “Who am I?” It’s goo to think about all these things, just not to obsess! This is partly why I love this blog so much–it is a space for me to disconnect from all of the seriousness of the world, and just talk about something fun and light–makeup!

July was my birthday month, so I ended up treating myself to quite a few new products. I have been really enjoying some things this month, so I wanted to share them! I always love seeing people’s favorites, since it gives me ideas of things to check out. I hope you enjoy!


Anastasia of Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


Of course this makes the list of my favorites! I wrote a whole review on this palette here so I won’t go on too much about it. I thought about this palette for ages before finally getting it, and I am SO GLAD I bought it! I am completely obsessed with it, and really only ever want to use this palette. So much love!!

Colourpop Brow Colour in “Dope Taupe”


I’ve had this for a little while, but really only started loving it recently. Brow pomades can be a little tricky to work with, so I had to play around a bit to find out how best to use it. I use a really stiff brush, scoop a little bit of product into the lid, and then dip into that. That way I don’t pick up too much product and end up with a glob of pomade in my brow. This stays on really well, even when I am sweating (thanks, summer), and I like the color–it is a bit lighter than my natural brows, but I prefer that because I don’t want my brows to look too dark and harsh. This makes them look soft and natural. I’m thinking of doing a whole post on my brow routine and go-to brow products. Would you all be interested in that?

KL Polish in “MIA” and “Ocean Drive”


KL Polish is a brand owned by one of my favorite YouTubers, KathleenLights. It is 5 free, cruelty-free, and long wearing. These two colors are from her summer collection which was inspired by her hometown of Miami. I only got these two, but part of me wishes I had gotten the whole collection! These colors are beautiful, like nothing I have seen before. MIA is a hot pink with a blue undertone–I think it would look good on any skin tone and is really fun for summer. Ocean Drive is a gorgeous teal glitter–when the light hits it, it makes you feel like you have mermaid nails! I find that these do last pretty well on my nails, though I wish they would come out with a base coat and top coat! If you haven’t heard of KL Polish, check out their website–the colors are beautiful, the formula is great, and the price is good!!

Tarte Lifted Mascara


I have been loving this mascara! It makes my lashes look longer and more separated (but not spidery). It holds a curl well too, and lasts all day. It is not a black mascara, it is a dark brown, which I really enjoy for days I am going for a more natural or “no makeup makeup” look, since it is closer to the color of my actual lashes. I don’t have much else to say, other than I am really enjoying it!


Pixi Glow Tonic


This is a chemical exfoliant toner, which at first sounds creepy, but it actually feels really gents on my skin and doesn’t sting or anything. I use this at night after cleansing and before applying my moisturizer. I don’t use  it every day, generally about every other day. I definitely feel like it helps my skin look brighter and more vibrant, since it removes extra dead skin cells and also makes sure all my makeup is really off.

Yes to Cucumbers Micellar Water


Micellar water is very big right now, and I’ve heard a lot of people talking about the one from Garner. However, they are not a cruelty-free brand, so I was interested in trying a micellar water from a more natural, cruelty-free brand. This is from the Yes to Cucumbers line, which is available at Target. It smells like cucumbers, and feels very cool and soothing on the skin. This is really good at taking off my eye makeup–I get it on two cotton rounds and hold them to my eyes for a few seconds then gently wipe away the makeup. It even gets all my mascara, which is impressive! I do this step first, then I wash my entire face to remove everything and cleanse. The pump is really cool too–you place your cotton round on top and press down to dispense the product, so it doesn’t make a mess. If you are looking for a micellar water, I highly recommend this one!

Tarte Drink of H2O Moisturizer


I first talked about this in my Tarte skincare review where I said I had not used it much but liked it so far. I am here to report that I love it! It smells good but not overpowering, it feels light and cool on the skin, and it gives me the perfect amount of hydration without feeling greasy or oily. I think that because it is more lightweight and gel-like it is a perfect summer moisturizer, but I will probably prefer something a bit thicker for the winter months when my skin is just a parched wasteland. This is a mini size, and I do plan to buy the full size when I finish it.

That’s all my favorites for this month–I hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what your favorite products are right now!


2 thoughts on “July Favorites!

    1. Ooh that’s an impossible question!! My most used are golden ochre (perfect transition shade), raw sienna, and burnt orange–I start out a lot of looks with those but then like to deepen with love letter or realgar on the outside and primavera or veneer on the inner third…so I guess those are my top 7? Haha it is the first palette I’ve had where I actually love and use all the shades. I can’t say enough good things about it, you should definitely get it!!


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