New Year, Who’s This?

Hello 2018! I haven't been active on this blog since the summer--things really got away from me, but I am getting back on track! I know that the new year is the same as last year, just another day, but there is something about it that always makes me feel reenergized and reflective. I recently …

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Seasons Collab with Cassimakeup!

Today's post is a fun one--I had the pleasure of doing a collab with the lovely Cassixmakeup. We each chose a season and did a look inspired by it! Make sure you head over to her blog to check out her gorgeous summer inspired look! My favorite season is fall--I love the crunchy leaves, warm cups …

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Re-blog: Coming Together to Make A Difference for NARS Cosmetics!

This is so important! Together we can make a difference and show NARS that we do not support cruelty to animals! Read this post by beautyholics101 and sign the petition if you feel moved to do so.

There are so many cruelty-free options out there, and I will continue to showcase those that understand that animal well-being is more important than money. For those of you who may not know, NARS recently decided that they will begin selling their products in China. Chinese law requires that any products sold in that country must be tested on animals, so that means that any company that sells their products in China is NOT cruelty-free. I am very disappointed in NARS for taking this step backwards, especially as so many brands are making the right move and going cruelty-free.

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Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. I know we’ve been posting a lot but this post is pretty time sensitive! If you were looking for a makeup post, one will be up Thursday like normal so don’t worry!

I am sure most of you know by now that NARS is no longer considered a cruelty free brand. If you have been anywhere on social media beauty bloggers everywhere (including me) are freaking out about it. They’ve made the decision to sell in China which includes mandatory animal testing, which is really sad!

*not my photo, owner’s link is in the caption*

post nars.png This beauty is not my picture! The owner’s blog: Click here!

But there is an upside, NARS has not entered the Chinese market yet (plan to sometime in 2017), which means we still have some time to convince them not to. And I get it, sometimes these big…

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